Dr Charlotte Frost

Dr Charlotte Frost is an academic focusing on art’s relationship with technology. Her specialisms are: contemporary and digital arts, art historiography and digital approaches to art history, and media theory. Producing reviews and discussion on digital/new media art for more than ten years, she has worked online and off with a variety of key organisations including the Guardian, Arts Council England, Furtherfield, where she is Associate Context Editor, Rhizome and a-n, where she wrote the regular column: Digital Practices. A presenter on the radio show Furtherfield.org on Resonance FM, she also co-produced and presented a set of videos on social media for creatives, and contributed to the Guardian video  on Jill Magid’s Tate Modern show. She is founder and editor of the research project and academic book series, Arts Future Book, which looks at how digital creativity challenges the form and content of the art history/criticism/theory book. A member of the CAA Committee on Intellectual Property, she is also the founder and director of PhD2Published, a web resource offering publishing advice to early-career academics, and she initiated the annual event: Academic Writing Month. Her own first book, Art Criticism Online, comes out in 2017 and explores the history of internet and web-based approaches to art contextualisation, investigating the forms they take and the actions they encourage. She holds an interdisciplinary assistant professor position with the School of Creative Media, and the English Department at the City Universiy of Hong Kong. Prior to this she held post-doctoral fellowships at the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011-12) and HUMlab in Sweden (2010). She has taught at Writtle School of Design and the University of Westminster.

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