Book: Girlhood and the Plastic Image

There’s a theme emerging here. I woke up this morning to find out I got a mention in the acknowledgements for Heather Warren-Crow’s book Girlhood and the Plastic Image . Heather was one of my colleagues at the Center for 21st Century Studies so I was lucky enough to hear a lot about this book as it was being formulated and written and, I must admit, I was in awe.


But whereas Kelli Fuery mentioned my purpleness, Heather has given me perhaps the ultimate of accolades…


So clearly, I’m looking for a My Little Pony, giant jewellery or absurd trouser mention in the next book one of my friend-colleague-mentors writes (hint hint). But let me tell you right now that Heather Warren-Crow is quite literally THE SMARTEST WOMAN I KNOW (in every sense of the word) so don’t miss out on this book (or on hanging out with her, you know, if you can)!

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  • Heather WC
    6 years ago

    Indeed, I did mean it as a major compliment. I’m glad you agree. And considering the subject matter of the book, I was referring not only to your My Little Ponyness, but also to your ability to navigate digital spaces and your facility with horizontal forms of knowledge. Xoxo and thanks for the shout out!

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