‘To computer users with love and respect’ – the Digital Folklore book

I really need to get me a copy of this book Digital Folklore asap! It looks at web kitsch and the way so-called ‘users’ express themselves online. I’ve blogged before about the high amount of web content about cats and this book features a whole chapter on aspects of the, er, cat phenomenon, by Helene Dams. And, unlike many books dealing with web history, it doesn’t try to force online content into a too traditional a book format. Keeping true to its web subject matter and the cutesy visuals it references, its choc-a-block with images and colour – and don’t even get me started on the unicorn on the cover, which, by the way, I love!

But what’s really interesting (from what I can tell about this book without having read it yet) is its aim to reconnect users with some sort of ownership of the web and its developmental history. That is, it reminds people who populate the net that they count, that its not all about Steve Jobs, Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg, and that their own crafting of the web is valid. In short, it asks what computer and web culture actually are, without trying to predetermine the answer via a so-slick-its-invisible interface.

If you want more of a taster, read the preface, and if that doesn’t do it, you should know it comes with a free cat poster!

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