Book Chapter Book Chapter Ra Ra Ra!!!

Here it is, finally, the book Revisualising Visual Culture, edited by Chris Bailey and Hazel Gardiner (published by Ashgate Press) is out with…a chapter by me!

My contribution, Chapter 9: ‘Internet Art History 2.0’, looks at why art history has ignored net art practice and how this reflects on the discipline as a whole. Here’s a quote/teaser:

“Does Nochlin’s approach uncover a much more fundamental way in which net art problematises art history? It is surely in art history’s failure to fully accommodate or analyse not just net art, but adjunct activities providing interpretation, documentation, curation, preservation, legitimization and critique, that yet another exclusive convention in art history can be revealed. It seems that net art indicates something much greater than its own overlooked oeuvre and that is art history’s trouble with technology.”

Much of my work focuses on this art historical ignorance of technology and this essay provides a simple introduction to the idea, via net art (another area of fascination for me).

But, enough about me, the book also includes chapters by Chris Bailey, Charlie Gere and Jemima Rellie and despite its high (first run/hardback) price, I can highly recommend it and am thrilled to have been included!

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