The Art of Documentation – my report on the Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media Symposium

There was a point to the insane amount of tweets I sent from the Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media Symposium in Newcastle earlier this month: As a digital art or new media art writer/researcher/historian, I was reporting on the event on behalf of Axis. And now you can read my full (and tweet-free) report online:

The Art of Documentation: Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media(or #CCVM, for short)

On Friday 5th March I installed myself in a darkened room in Gateshead’s BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and performed an ongoing series of repetitive movements with my fingers and a shiny, red, rectangular instrument. In addition to the spectacle itself, a further output of this engaged set of gestures was the collection of two-hundred-and-sixteen utterings broadcast right here on the Axis web-pages.

Actually, this wasn’t a piece of performance art, and I am not an artist. I am a writer and academic with a specialism in the intersection of art and technology, and I was reporting from a symposium entitled: Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media, organised jointly by the Contemporary Art Society (C.A.S) and CRUMB (the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss) in association with the AV Festival (the international biennial of Electronic arts). But bear with my performance analogy a little longer…

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