Dematerial: Critical Debates in Digital Arts

On Monday 10th May I’ll be speaking at ‘Dematerial: Critical Debates in Digital Arts’ at University College, Falmouth.

The thinking behind the series of talks designed and lead by Kate Southworth in the association with ACE is as follows:

“The arts sector is changing. Developments in information and communications technology are affecting the way people think and behave and are impacting on their expectations as consumers. These shifts raise challenges and opportunities for artists, arts organisations and for the Arts Council. Through a series of critical debate sessions the Arts Council aims to equip itself and the sector with the knowledge and understanding to adapt and respond to these changes.

During May/June 2010 you are invited to participate in Dematerial:critical debates in digital arts – a series of events taking place across the South West region that seek to stimulate and generate critical debates in digital arts. The events also aim to contribute to the next stage in the development of the digital arts within the region.

The events will take place at three locations across the region: University College Falmouth; Arnolfini, Bristol; Bournemouth University. There will be different speakers at each one of the events. Each event will focus on particular set of issues or identified area of practice, and all will invite open discussion on the complex relationship between the digital and the arts.”

I’m really looking forward to getting down to the seaside and having some good conversations about the digital transformation of the arts. Hope to see you there!!!

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