New Regular a-n News Feature: Digital Practices

I am now writing an new regular feature in a-n magazine’s news section called ‘Digital Practices’. My first offering (on the AAH conference strand ‘Digital Continuities’) is out in the June edition.

It starts like this:

“Digital Continuities: from the history of digital art to contemporary transmedial practices’ formed a key strand at March’s Association of Art Historian’s conference. Organised by Nick Lambert from Birkbeck’s CAT project, his vision was to assemble a group of interested academics and think through some of the more contemporary aspects of digital arts activity.

Papers presented showed the true range of current research in the field, yet clearly interconnected through some relevant strands of thought around touch, software art, performance and hybridity….”

And keep your eyes peeled for future bulletins on the world of the arts and digital technologies…

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