Research Fellowship in Sweden

I’m thrilled to announce that in September I’ll be taking up an exciting Research Fellowship at a digital humanities laboratory in Sweden!

I was invited by lab director, Patrik Svensson, to spend two months at the prestigious HUMlab, which is part of Umeå University, and get my latest research project up and running. The set up at HUMlab is really special with lots of like-minded arts/humanities techies all inspiring each other and getting to take advantage of some seriously excellent equipment. A recent noteworthy alumna is Ele Carpenter who took aspects of her Open Source Embroidery project there for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

The lab blog is regularly updated with posts from Patrik and all the research fellows who provide a varied commentary on their different research streams. And there’s also a strong seminar series with a tremendous variety of speakers.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about other people’s work and after long spells of solitary confinement in my study, it’s going to be great to be with people again! It’s also wonderful to have the opportunity to get going properly on a project I’ve spent several months putting together (and which also involves writing my first book!!!).

In fact, the only downside of all this is that I’ll have missed the crayfish parties and it’ll be too early for snow!

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