Don’t Let Art Die Out!

It is a very distressing time for a lot of us in the arts with funding being withdrawn left, right and centre. A  recent poll conducted by the BBC found that two thirds of people believe  privately funding the arts is the best option. The whole situation rather reminds me of the plight of bees. You know how there are lots of books and documentaries around at the moment explaining the apocalyptic fate that awaits us if we let bees die out? Well, the same is true of the arts, only messier! It’s just that not everyone has noticed quite how much the arts pollenate! While those two thirds of people would never let the government pull out of agricultural funding, they don’t mind other types of starvation…

This all brings me to this wonderful video by David Shrigley, as it also makes the art/agriculture analogy. Watch it, sign the petition, pass it on and bee an arts supporter! 😉

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