Announcing my Book: Art History Online

I am really excited to announce that the first book in the Arts Future Book series (rather, the first line in the conversation about the digital future of academic publishing in the arts that Arts Future Book represents) will be mine!

Over the next year I will be researching and writing my book Art History Online: Mailing Lists, Digital Forums and the Future of Criticism. It will provide an account of the use of the email-based discussion list in the arts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I am interested in the list because I believe it represents, among other things, the transition in art history from knowledge that can be comfortably described through a book and a different type of knowledge that can’t. I want to write about the list not only to reclaim its unique history in terms of the way it offered artists a new discursive space, but also because it problematises art historical systems – like the book – and allows me to ask after future models for art critical pursuits.

And as is the Arts Future Book way, I’ll also be finding ways of expanding the discussion the series and my book represent, as well as looking into new publishing technologies to support today’s art critical and contextual acts. For more information, there is currently a great post about Arts Future Book by Gylphi’s editor, Anthony Levings, on PhD2Published right now, where he discusses some of the issues the series taps into. He explains:

“…given that so much digital art is now produced, works of art criticism also need to respond to the restrictions placed on them by print especially when their subject matter is electronic. Out of this dilemma has been born the ‘Art Future Book’ project with the aim of bringing shape and form to the loose and unpredictable art book of the future. The subject is something ideally suited to the ‘book’ series format, even though it paradoxically challenges the whole notion of the very objects it seeks to collect together.”

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