Social Media Videos: Part 1 on Blogging

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a big project with a-n, the Artist Information Company, looking at how artists and arts organisations can use social media more effectively. I’ve interviewed a number of really interesting and knowledgeable people and learnt so much – as well as directly fed-back some of this initial research to artists at an a-n AIR event in the summer.

For the Dec/Jan issue of a-n magazine, I interviewed artist and social media expert Kirsty Hall for my Digital Practices column. Hall, who offers excellent tuition in social media, offered useful foundational advice like:

Worry less about people stealing your ideas and images and more about exposure. The true danger of the internet is not copyright infringement but obscurity.

Have a plan before you start: you have to know WHY you’re blogging and using social media. Set goals and have aims or you won’t know if you’re succeeding or just wasting your time.

Concentrate on providing value to others instead of constantly promoting your own stuff.

Now, the first of the videos I co-produced (with art-video-maker extraordinaire Jared Schiller) is live on the a-n website. Practical Guide to Social Media, Part 1: Blogging, features Chris Unitt, of Meshed Media, who gives a fantastic array of examples of excellent approaches to creative blogging.

I’m really grateful I got the chance to work on these videos, and there’s more to come. Next up: Twitter!

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  • It’s been good seeing how well that video was received too. Looking forward to watching the next ones!

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