Performing/Problematising Art History on the Internet

Performing_art_history I’m speaking at the Performing Art History special interest group at the Courtauld Institute of Art on Thursday 3rd March at 6.00pm alongside Jack Hartnell, Daisy Jones, Thomas Overton and Marq Smith. This group/forum describes itself as ‘exploring, developing and critiquing methods of delivering art historical research beyond the traditional publishing routes in books and journals’. They’ve already had great sessions on art TV and radio and I’m in the group focussing in the internet. I’m going to talk about the web-based art production platform, the Visitor’s Studio (by Furtherfield), and explain how it problematises art knowledge practices like art history. So my focus, rather than being on how you might use a web-based platform to research art for example, will actually be on the role the internet plays in completely redesigning what art-related activities are and, therefore, redeveloping the types of questions we ask about art.

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