Social Media Videos: Part 3 on Facebook

As, I said, over the last few months I’ve been working on a big project with a-n, the Artist Information Company, looking at how artists and arts organisations can use social media more effectively. I’ve interviewed a number of really interesting and knowledgeable people and learnt so much – as well as directly fed-back some of this initial research to artists at an a-n AIR event in the summer.

The first video was: Practical Guide to Social Media, Part 1: Blogging and featured Chris Unitt, of Meshed Media. The second video was: Practical Guide to Social Media, Part 2: Twitter, which featured Digital Strategist Katy Beale. And now the third and final video: Practical guide to Social Media, Part 3: Facebook has gone live and features Tate’s Digital Communications Manager Jesse Ringham.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has been involved and to a-n for giving me this opportunity. I hope you find the videos useful and do keep in touch with any advice or information you have on artists using social media – like this recent article and video set for USA Today on artists using Facebook!

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