Doing Research Amongst Technologies Talk


I’m a bit behind in mentioning the talk I gave at Birkbeck last week as part of the ‘Doing Research Amongst Technologies’ postgraduate workshop series and Birkbeck Arts Week. The workshop I was involved with was called ‘Creative Research Online’ and it was organised by Sophie Hope, Lorraine Lim and Scott Rogers and also featured a great talk by Ele Carpenter.

I talked mainly about the ways in which I investigate the online arts realm. For example I referenced my work in addressing how social media can be used to research and network as well as at the distinct field of online arts knowledge and the types of emergent activity it supports. I also made a whistle-stop tour of a range of online arts resources which can support all manner of arts research.

I was really excited to be a part of the workshop series because it’s a really good way of helping researchers build a valuable toolbox for their practice. I wish there had been more of this around when I was doing my PhD, it would have been so useful!

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