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One of my favourite Twitter chums is @3pipenet of the blog Three Pipe Problem: an intrepid exploration of all things Art History by H. Niyazi. I know I go on a bit about how great I think Twitter is, but this is an important case in point because (thanks to Twitter) scattered throughout my day are entirely new ways of looking at my subject and practice – courtesy of the likes of Niyazi/@3pipenet.

I was therefore extremely touched to be included in a recent post by Niyazi precisely discussing the art historical benefits of Twitter: From Pompeii to Cyberspace: transcending barriers with Twitter. Like me, Niyazi finds the way ideas are explored through twitter fascinating and talks in this post of a recent Twitter-based discussion of a graffiti inscription at Pompeii. One of the things I find so interesting about Niyazi’s approach – given that he looks at the good old stuff and I look at the good new stuff – is the way he observes just how art history unfolds today and this post is a great example of that.

However he also includes the video I made for a-n on how to use Twitter in this post and VERY generously says of me:

“Charlotte’s work is a constant source of inspiration to humanities students and professionals engaging online.”

Niyazi’s understanding of art history as a blogger is hugely interesting to me and I definitely have designs on working with him the future. For now I’m just grateful he’s on the other end of Twitter when I need an opinion or an idea.

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  • Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the mention! The Twitter Pompeii escapade was a fascinating, spontaneously evolving example of the power and convenience of social media to unite and inform.

    Looking forward to future adventures!

    Kind Regards
    H Niyazi
    Melbourne, Australia

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