Major News: My Post-Doc Fellowship in the US



So the truly major news that I’m beyond excited to announce is that I’m moving to the US for a year to become the 2011-2012 International Post Doctoral Fellow at the Center for 21st Century Studies at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! Or, in shorthand, I’m the international fellow at C21. I’ll be working on my Arts Future Book project and book series, as well as completing my own first book Art History Online. I’ll also be touring round lots of US universities to talk about my work and meet interesting new people, and I’ll be generally absorbing all the goodness of being a fellow at C21 alongside so many inspiring people.

I couldn’t be happier because, having had a taste for the post-doc-fellowship-lifestyle at HUMlab last year, I’ve been yearning to take up a year-long fellowship and really push my work forwards. And besides, it’s in the US and I love the US! I’m already imagining myself, decent coffee in hand, hidden under a purple Puffa (or is that just way too ‘90s?) marching through the snow to my office. In other post-doc-fellowship-lifestyle fantasies I’m drinking martinis at the Pfister and having witty and intellectual repartee with the other fellows (although perhaps it’s more likely I’ll be drinking beer and sharing aspects of the Derridance at a fish fry ;-). While behind closed doors, I’m watching True Blood (as soon as it airs – oh the luxury!) and taking too many deliveries from Chicago of Garrett’s cheese and toffee popcorn! [Drools on keyboard]

Thanks so much Richard Grusin and all at C21 who are already being so amazing helping me get sorted for my new life, I can’t wait to get there! And thanks also to Nathaniel Stern for being so enthusiastic and supportive and also to Jussi Parikka for being an amazing if unwitting mentor. [Highly professional group hug!]

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