The Face of Art History’s Digital Revolution – apparently!


Just as I arrived in the US (jetlagged, with a cold, and straight into a major catch-up with one of my dearest pals) I found out I’d been featured on art historian Freya Gowrley’s blog in a post called: Art History and the Digital Revolution. The piece looks at some of the pros and cons of being an art historian and using digital and social media to share your work. I agree with Ms Gowrley, it’s not all plain sailing, but like her, I find platforms like Twitter endlessly useful in helping me meet new people and explore new ideas – even if your subject wasn’t born digital (like mine).

Anyway, I hope you’ll indulge me if I just sneak in sample of what Ms Gowrley’ wrote about me:

“Dr. Frost is very much the face of art history’s digital revolution. Investigating the relationship between technology and the arts, Frost’s research examined the impact of internet technologies on art history. Her blog, Digital Critic contains a wealth of information and practical advice for the art historian, as well as some genuinely wonderful and impassioned writing on her subject.”

I mean, wow, how fabulous is that? I was super-duper chuffed to read this!

Ms Gowrley has also invited me, on behalf of the Association of Art Historians student Members Committee, to speak at the next AAH Graduate Student Conference which will be on art and science. We don’t yet know if I’ll be physically or virtually present, but already I’m looking forward to being involved and discussing some of these digital issues even further.

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