RaphaelHasanThere’s an amazing project going on that (thanks to being way too over-stretched) I’m not as involved with as I’d have liked to be. Many of you know art history blogger extraordinaire Hasan Niyasi passed away last year and on the 6th of April – Raphael’s Birthday – there’s a co-ordinated effort to remember Hasan and all his amazing work. Sedef Piker explains the initiative on Hasan’s blog:

Why? We are calling for original blog posts to celebrate the life of the late Hasan Niyazi, his passionate devotion to Raphael and his commitment to open-access art history – as exemplified by his visionary project Open Raphael Online (ORO): www.openraphael.org

What? This is a chance for Hasan’s friends and admirers to contribute articles, videos, photographs, mash-ups, etc., related to art and art history. Let’s focus on the things that Hasan loved, as expressed in his extraordinary blog, Three Pipe Problem (www.3pipe.net) and, of course, ORO (www.openraphael.org)

Who? We are reaching out to everyone in the world who cares about the things that mattered to Hasan. He was an enthusiast as well as a scholar – and not a professional art historian (as he was quick to remind us!) Hasan had little time for academic boundaries, but plenty of time for building community around shared interests.

How? Simply post on your blog and register your post with InLinkz. If you like, you can download a badge for the event from this site (included below) and embed that image into your post.  If you don’t have a blog, we would be delighted to help you find a home for your contribution. Just send an e-mail to us at: 3pipe.net@gmail.com.”

Even though I haven’t had nearly enough time to read through all the tributes being published these last few weeks, Hasan is always in my thoughts and my work and I will strive to have his contribution recognized by the ‘establishment’. So in his memory, and because I know it would have made him laugh, I’ve Charlotte-i-fied Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn (1505-06) which Hasan himself wrote about back in 2012. My home and office are liberally sprinkled with internet/meme favourite – the unicorn – so what better way to signal the depths of my digital connection with Hasan.

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  • Hi Charlotte! This mash-up of “Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn” is something that Hasan would have really appreciated! I even like the detail that you added with the unicorn’s horn. I have several photoshopped images that Hasan created for me as jokes, and your picture definitely fits with his humor and personality.

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