My #arthistory Hashtag Research Makes DHNow’s Editor’s Choice!

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 14.43.39As their website states:

‘Digital Humanities Now showcases the scholarship and news of interest to the digital humanities community through a process of aggregation, discovery, curation, and review. Digital Humanities Now also is an experiment in ways to identify, evaluate, and distribute scholarship on the open web through a weekly publication and the quarterly Journal of Digital Humanities.’

So you can imagine that I was really excited when my own blog post ‘What Is Art History Made Of?‘ made their ‘editor’s choice’ on 11th July 2013. It is important to me as a member of the digital humanities community to have the work recognised by this organisation but also, I feel it’s essential is receives attention from other such experimental projects.

When you work openly online, although you are offering up your work freely, you still need ways of identifying and validating it. The scholarly article explaining the hashtag project, ‘Is Art History Too Bookish?‘, is available online for all to read and comment on/peer-review, but having the project marked out by Digital Humanities Now is essential if it is going to find a decent sized audience without being published in a journal. Going forwards I hope it might still take some kind of journal-based or -related form, but in the mean time, it is important that I trial and lean about all the internet-based ways of working and publishing that the entire project seeks to investigate. So I’m very happy that Digital Humanities Now have given me the opportunity to explore more aspects of this ever-expanding project.

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